Lucas Alkan
Head of Secretariat

Mr. Lucas Alkan was appointed as Head of the PNGEITI National Secretariat by the PNGEITI Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) in 2015. Mr Alkan has been responsible for establishing the National Secretariat Office and has been supporting the MSG in implementing the EITI in Papua New Guinea. Mr Alkan manages the day to day operations of the Secretariat office and liaises closely with the MSG, development partners, donors, the EITI International Secretariat and other stakeholders on EITI implementation activities.

Prior to joining the PNGEITI National Secretariat, Mr Alkan served the PNG Department of Treasury for 16 years as the Assistant Secretary for Fiscal Policy in the Economic Policy Division. He also served the World Bank in Washington DC, USA for 2 years as an Advisor to the Executive Director for East Asia and the Pacific.

Mr Alkan holders a Master Degree in Public Policy from the University of Tasmania, Australia and a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Papua New Guinea.
Christopher Tabel
Deputy Head of Secretariat

Mr. Christopher Tabel was appointed as Deputy Head of Secretariat by the PNGEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group in September 2019. He joined the Secretariat in 2016 as the Communications Specialist responsible for managing and coordinating external and internal communications for the Secretariat and the MSG.

Prior to joining the Secretariat, Mr Tabel had work experiences in various roles in the government, resource industry and the civil society. His recent employment was with the Kokoda Initiative as the Communications Officer. He also worked with FHI360 as Strategic Behaviour Change Communications officer, New Crest Mining Ltd Lihir Operations and did his cadet journalist training with The National and The Sunday Chronicle newspapers.

Mr Tabel holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts from the Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea.
Sarita Peai
Policy Technical Officer

Ms. Sarita Peai is the Technical Officer with the PNGEITI National Secretariat. She joined the Secretariat in September 2020. Ms. Peai is responsible for coordinating and overseeing country validation activities, EITI International Secretariat missions, trainings and workshops, and ensuring that validation outcomes and recommendations are acted upon. She is also responsible to work closely with other relevant government Departments, Agencies, Development partners and Donors on any structural, policy and legislative reforms arising from EITI report recommendations or from validation outcomes.

Prior to joining the Secretariat Ms. Peai worked with the Department of Treasury for more than 4 years.  Before that, Ms. Peai worked briefly with the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

Ms. Peai holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management – Strategic Management major from the University of Papua New Guinea.
Francis Diakon
Procurement Officer

Mr. Francis Diakon is the Procurement Officer with the PNGEITI National Secretariat. Prior to joining the Secretariat in 2016, he worked with the PNG Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs and the PNG Department of Education as a Procurement Officer. At the Secretariat, Mr Diakon coordinates and oversees the procuring of PNGEITI Annual Reports and other EITI commissioned projects. He manages service contracts and procures goods and services consistent with the PNG Government Procurement Guidelines and Tendering process.    

Mr Diakon holds a Bachelor Degree in Education from the Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea.
Oliver Maingu
Stakeholder Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

Mr. Oliver Maingu is the Stakeholder Engagement & Outreach Coordinator with the PNGEITI National Secretariat. Mr. Maingu joined the Secretariat in June 2019. He is responsible for implementing and developing effective outreach engagement programs with stakeholders and members of the PNGEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group. He is also responsible for implementing general awareness programs to other stakeholders such as the landowner groups, public and private entities, tertiary institutions and the general public.

Prior to joining the Secretariat, Mr. Maingu served the National Volunteer Services (NVS) for the last 6 years as the Acting Program Manager – Community Liaison and Awareness Program. He also served the Department of Commerce and Industry as a Project Officer with the Cooperative Societies Unit.

Mr. Maingu holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Honours Degree in Political Science from the University of Papua New Guinea.
Naomi Ainie Puipui
Finance and Admin Officer

Mrs Naomi Ainie Puipui is the Finance and Administrative Officer with the PNGEITI National Secretariat. She joined the Secretariat in February 2020 and is responsible for managing and overseeing Finance, Payroll and administration matters, including day to day office functions. 

Prior to joining the Secretariat, Mrs Puipui served for over 12 years with several organizations performing various roles. The Department of Treasury as Administration Officer under Macroeconomic Policy Division, Mineral Resources Authority as Executive Assistant attached to Development Coordination Division and Hebou Constructions as Personal Assistant / Procurement Officer in the Civil Engineering Department.

Mrs. Puipui holds a Diploma in Business Studies from the Divine Word University,  and an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration from IEA College of Tafe.

Sonia Kenu Becks
Media Content Writer

Mrs. Sonia Kenu Becks is the Media Content Writer with the PNGEITI National Secretariat. She joined the Secretariat in June 2019. She is responsible for developing and producing content material for public information dissemination through media, online platforms, awareness and outreach programs. She is also responsible for monitoring media coverage and identify communication opportunities for promoting PNGEITI and to ensure there is effective communication dialogue between the different stakeholders.

Mrs. Becks has had work experiences with non-governmental organisations in the field of Communication, Public Relations and Marketing. Prior to joining the Secretariat, she worked briefly with Buk bilong Pikinini. Before that she worked with Cheshire disAbility Services PNG, which she served four years. Prior to joining Cheshire, she worked with the National newspaper as a Reporter (journalist).   

Mrs. Becks holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts (Journalism) from the Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea.